After about two years, my macbook charger finally got a tear on the rubber coating the other day and I was gonna buy some electrical tape tomorrow but it JUST STARTED TO SPARK AND SMOKE UP RN. IT WAS CATCHING ON FIRE Y’ALL


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me and haley won 4 VIP tickets to sasquatch which is outrageous and we’re seeing warpaint in portland on may 1st but we just found out warpaint is playing all three days at pickathon which is an independent music festival in the forest 20 mins from my dads house………….. its so expensive but…… hanging out with warpaint for 3 days in the forest ummmmm……..

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ohh goddd we are seeing warpaint on may 1 but we just found out they’re also playing at some indie green music fest in the forest in oregon for THREE DAYS IN A ROW in august but the tickets are expensive!!!!!! 

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I just won four VIP tickets to Sasquatch???????????

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And on that note—we are seeing Warpaint in exactly a month, in Portland. So let us reminisce about that time I met Tvag, her son, and very briefly, Jenny, in 2011. Let us also remember that Tvag complimented my blue hair. (◡‿◡✿)

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