He Jiaying, peintre chinois contemporain

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  • Name: Haley
  • Western Star Sign: libra
  • Western Element: air
  • Chinese Zodiac (Animal): rooster
  • Chinese Element: water
  • Divine Number: six
  • Yin-Yang Symbol: yin
  • Celtic Druid Zodiac (Tree): hazelnut tree
  • Divine Color: purple
  • Birthstone: opal
  • Planet: venus 
  • Day of the Week: friday
  • Season: fall


"More-paint". #warpaint @tt_o_o_tt @warpaintwarpaintofficial Photo by Lilah Skye.

howie loves his new place!

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i got guacamole FLAVOREd DIP, not real guac, and boy am i pissed. 

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